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    NEWS: Williams/Spielberg 'A Timeless Call' Short Film Available for Viewing


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    NEWS: Williams/Spielberg 'A Timeless Call' Short Film Available for Viewing

    Post  Ricard on Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:36 pm

    This was posted today by Thor on the FSM Board:
    This 2008 documentary short (7 minutes) by Spielberg is rarely talked about, shown at some Democratic convention at the time, I believe. It's about the veterans of the Iraqi war.

    Well, I guess it's kinda understandable in a way, because it's really bad. Seriously. It's in competition with 1941 and ALWAYS as Spielberg's worst film, IMO. Just a bunch of über-patriotic, maudlin, almost propandistic drivel with Tom Hanks as the narrator and various interview bits interspersed with real footage. I salute the intention, but not the end result! Unfortunately, Williams' score is instrumental in creating the "pompous" air it gives off.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, it's quite a nice score on its own. It taps into his wellknown Americana style, and few does that better than him. Reminiscent of NIXON and other Stone scores as well as AMERICAN JOURNEY and other things.

    I wish it got a proper recording.

    Opinions (on the score, since the contents of the film is verboten territory)?

    The film can be viewed in high resolution here:
    Enjoy Smile

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